Video has become the hottest Digital Marketing trend in Sri Lanka

Worldwide, people watch more than 300 million hours of video on YouTube per day ! This is definitely apply to Sri Lankan Context as well. We should have over millions Youtube video viewers daily basis in social media platforms.
And it’s not all funny cat videos—in fact, online video has become an important way for businesses to show off their products and services, and reach new customers.

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Social Media Marketing Training for Sapro Solutions Team

We all understand the importance of Social Media in nowadays marketing. And we are looking to gain some more knowledge about the the most recent trends and practices. There are quite a few social media training happening in Sri Lanka. However, they all have two big drawbacks. They either: cost money or take place at the most inconvenient time and location.

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Tips For Naming Your Startup Business

Finding the proper name for your startup will have a major impact on your success. the incorrect name will do worse than fail to attach with customers.In distinction, a clear, powerful name is extraordinarily useful in your selling and branding efforts.

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Website maintenance Service

Even though WordPress actively encourages users to upgrade to the latest version, only 27.2% of users have actually done so. More than 10% still use version 4.3. All users who hesitate to upgrade their website are jeopardizing their security and putting personal information of users at risk. If that’s you, then you should check out our Website Maintenance Service .

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Online reputation

Why Should Sri Lankan Businesses need a Website in 2019?

Consider your personal search habits. When you need a nonessential product such as a candle, or are on vacation and need to find a restaurant near you, what do you do?This scenario shows that having an online presence through a website, social media, and third-party reviews is becoming more important for businesses of all sizes.

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petrokem lanka

Petrokem- Web design Sri Lanka

Petrokem has grown to be one of Sri Lanka’s premier chemical companies that manufacture specialty chemicals, industrial chemicals and consumer chemicals to both local and foreign markets.As an organization, Petrokem thrives to become one of the key players in the Sri Lankan and Asian chemical market and we are delighted to announce that We have created there new website with outstanding features. There new website is having a mobile responsive system and we claim them a better position in Google ranking as well.(

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Maintain website


In the league of online marketing strategy, majority of the business feel the most critical part of is about launching their business website? But is it really true? Yes, it may be true for some extent, but maintenance of the website is the catalyst to reach your expected goal successfully! Though website maintenance is overlooked by most of us, the truth is that proper maintenance makes you website near to success.

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Online reputation


Have you ever thought how your digital image is? What is the picture a simple google search gives
about your business brand? If you haven’t ever thought much about it, maybe it is high time to give
a thought on it!

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Batik Boutique

Batik Boutique – Web Design SriLanka

Batik Boutique (Private) Limited was subsequently incorporated in 2019.The intention of the Company is to manufacture and promote Ceylon Batiks in a responsible and affordable manner across SriLanka and the world. We are delighted to announce that we have design their new website with outstanding features. Their new website is having a mobile responsive system and we claim them a better position in Google ranking.

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Sandalu Eco Resorts

Sandalu Eco Resorts – Web Design SriLanka

“Sandalu” in Sinhala is an idealist who dreams of living in a harmonious world who tend to be naturally loyal and compassionate and who is not the biggest fan of secrets. We had the privilege to create their website with unique features like mobile responsiveness and so on. Also we were manged to claim them a better position in Google ranking.

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Blog dharmarathna

Dharmarathna Enterprises – Web Design SriLanka

They are the best treated wooden pallets provider in Sri Lanka with the International Certificate. We are happy to say that our crew has design their new website with outstanding features like mobile responsiveness , google optimization and so on. Also We have optimized the website look and features to provide best customer experience to its users as well.

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Colour coatings lanka

Colour Coatings Lanka Pvt Ltd – Web Design SriLanka

Colour Coatings Lanka is a leading importer, trader and supplier of wide range of supreme quality industrial chemicals. There products are highly reckoned in the global market for its matchless quality. We have created there new website with extra ordinary features. There new website is having a mobile responsive system and we claim them a better position in Google ranking.

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